Stones for Restful Sleep


  • Amethyst ~ can be used to help treat insomnia and induce a restful sleep. Keep underneath your pillow or beside your bed. It is also commonly used to help relieve nightmares.
  • Howlite ~ (white) can help achieve restful and deep sleep, is generally calming and soothing.  
  • Sodalite ~ Another calming stone that can ease insomnia. It relieves mental stress and helps purify the body. 
  • Blue Calcite ~ Very helpful in calming the mind. It relieves emotional upsets and tension replacing it with feelings of serenity. For sensitive individuals or empaths, this can help to reduce psychic stimuli and allows them to relax. 
  • Lepidolite ~ prevents a disturbed sleep and induces deep sleep. Very powerful stone for mental stress and agitation. 
  • Hematite ~ Very grounding with a subtle calming influence. Should not be worn for a long period of time or where there is inflammation.
  • Smokey Quartz ~  This stone is incredibly grounding and is great to aid with protection during sleep. 
  • Celestite ~ emits a sweet, soft, positive energy that can help ease stress and promote a calm slumber. 

It’s always helpful to get to the root of the cause as to why you’re not getting much sleep or insomnia. It can be anywhere from stress, bad dreams/night terrors, to diet and exercise. Finding the root cause will help tremendously, and seeking professional help is also advised if need be. 


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