How are there so damn many of you? Anyway, I’m glad you’re here!

I’ve always wanted to do a give away… 


I’m only gonna pick one winner this time, but you can choose five of these things!

– A bundle of sage (for to set on fire and wave about, probably)
– Two quartz points!
– A piece of labradorite!
– Six amethyst points!
– A selenite… Thingy.
– An extremely small pentacle thingy (????)
– A fluorite uh… bit.
– A turritella agate! (It’s full of snails)
– A set of handmade clay runes in the color (and type) of your choice!
– A small bottle of garnets (which I dug up myself)
– Two small quartz points (which I also dug up!)
– Ten sticks of cake scented incense! (King’s cake, apparently)
– A small bottle of frankincense (Ohhhhh yes)
– A fancy sketch of your character/spirit friend/witchsona/whatever!
– A tarot reading that even I don’t really understand

Anyway, the rules. Yeah, I know. Ugh.


1. You gotta be over 16. If you’re under 18, though, you need to have your parents permission. I don’t wanna get yelled at for mailing you a box of rocks or whatever.

2. I would rather ship within the US, because I don’t know the laws for shipping some of these things out of the country. Maybe the rocks would be ok? Be prepared for possible set backs with that.

3. You have to be following me. Please don’t just like, unfollow me afterwards. That’s rude. I wrestled this frankincense and garnets away from a literal demon for you. I thought we were friends.

4. Both likes and reblogs count!

5. No giveaway blogs, please.

6. The giveaway ends in two(ish) weeks, on March 5th, 2017.

7. I’ll notify the winner via either ask or IM, depending on the case. If they don’t respond within 24 hours, I’ll pick another winner.

Ok, cool. Gonna go bury myself, now.


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