Witchcraft 101: Taglocks


If you’ve been doing some reading on witchcraft and spellcraft, it is likely that you’ve seen the word ‘taglock‘ crop up a few times.

If you haven’t, worry not.

A taglock is something that has been used in witchcraft for a very (very), long time and all it is, is an object or substance that forges a strong link between your target and your magick.

Traditionally, taglocks are things such as blood, spit, hair or nail clippings, – direct DNA. The use of DNA creates a stronger magickal bond. Nowadays, however, snagging someone’s blood in their sleep is generally frowned upon and quite difficult, so suitable replacements include cigarette butts, used tissues, used plastic cutlery and easily obtained things of that ilk.

You will notice that taglocks are often used in curses and hexes as it binds the target to the spell and therefore amplifies the magick and ensures that it affects the intended person. They are used in binding spells for the same reason; to tie the person to the magick.

However, bear in mind that taglocks are not malevolent in themselves. They are simply a means of forming a bond and can thus be used in protection, healing and positivity magick!


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