🌿💜🌱Sacred Plant Give Away🌱💜🌿

Thank you all so much for your support in expanding shop and garden! This Sacred Plant Witch Kit is now available in my Etsy shop, here. On February 23 my shop will officially have been up for three months and I’m so excited I decided to do another giveaway. 

What You’re Getting:

🌾 With meditation, intuition, tarot, and your astrology information a sacred plant will be chosen for you. This could be a succulent, herb, wildflower, tree, etc. 
🌾  An elixir perfume will be made with your plant and it’s extracted oil.
🌾  You will receive a vial of your plant, either it’s roots, buds, or leaves depending on which part is most often used.
🌾 A votive candle inspired by your plant.
🌾 A grimoire page about your plant, it’s healing and magical properties. (not shown),
🌾 A custom necklace inspired by your plant.


  • You must be following me to enter and you have to reblog this post at least once. Please don’t spam your followers.
  • You get one bonus entry for favoriting my Etsy page, you can do so by clicking here. If you’ve already favorited my shop it will automatically count.
  • You get a bonus entry for each item purchased in my shop, just message me with your order ID so I can confirm.
  • You have until March 18th.

🌾🌸Good luck my friends!🌸🌾


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