Witchcrafting Supplies at WALMART – Witches choose Walmart


Okay, so this is a much-needed clapback at someone who commented on a recent post of mine with “Real Witches don’t shop at fucking Walmart”. I’m not going to even address the faulty start of the phrase ‘real witches…’ 

But let me explain what can be found at Walmart for my friend stuck in the dark  ages of elitism and “I only shop at exotic witch shops for everything in my life.”



  • Candles
  • Tea lights
  • Essential oil diffusers
  • Wax warmers
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps
  • The entire Garden Center for all your witchy garden needs
  • Mirrors
  • Sketchbooks for mere dollars make great Grimoires
  • The entire craft department for you know… witchCRAFT
  • Glass jars and bottles in their kitchen section and their craft section
  • Pins, fabric, stuffing, thread, and needles to make poppets
  • Shelving for your hundreds of witchbottles and potion bottles and herbs
  • Shelving for all your books on magick
  • Awesome pillows/boho decor/curtains for your sacred spaces
  • Incense burners
  • Firewood for your firepit
  • The ACTUAL firepit
  • Wooden boxes to woodburn, stain, or paint for witchy materials

I honestly could go on and on. You know why? Because most witches were NEVER rich. They lived in cottages, because people didn’t pay for their services in gold. They paid how they could. And witches were never elitist… they used what was available. Well you know what is available to MOST witches today? That’s right – WAL-MART. So, take your elitist shit, and go spend hundreds of dollars for things we can conveniently find at the local superstore for less than $20.

@the-gay-viking. YES. Real witches DO fucking shop at fucking Walmart.


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