Pranu Mutteddu, Sardinia

The necropolis of Pranu Mutteddu is one of the most important funerary areas of pre-Nuragic Sardinia and is located near Goni, a small village in the province of South Sardinia. The complex has the highest known concentration of menhirs (large standing stones) and megaliths in Sardinia (about sixty, variously distributed in pairs, groups or arrays), two megalithic tombs and a Domus de Janas surrounded by stone circles. Domus de Janas (Sardinian: “House of the Fairies” or of the “Witches”) are a type of pre-Nuragic chamber tombs found in Sardinia. They consist of several chambers quarried out, resembling houses in their layout.

The site was used from the early Chalcolithic Period (late 5th millennium BC to early 3rd millennium BC) to the time of the Ozieri Culture, a prehistoric, pre-Nuragic culture that lived in Sardinia from circa 3200 to 2800 BC.


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