Magickal uses of rocks


Most people focus on crystals and their magickal uses, but I’m here to stand up for the normal rocks that just get ignored! Here are some uses of rocks that I know about. Feel free to add on!

Hagstones- Stones that have natural holes in them from running water are known as hagstones. Tying a string in one and wearing it is said to be good luck, and many believe that looking through the hole can help with seeing fae or other spirits. Be careful with saying “hagstones” though, because this practice was used by the Celts, and no one wants to appropriate.

Pebbles- Smooth pebbles usually come from rivers or streams, and they’re great for meditation (hold one in each hand as you meditate). You can also paint sigils onto pebbles and skip them into a pond to activate them– this uses both elements of earth and water. 

Rough rocks- These rocks can be used for many things, you just need to be creative. Paint a sigil on one then break it. Put a sharp rock in a witch bottle. Stuff like that. 

Fossils- I’ve always loved those rocks that have shells in them. They’re old, and have traces of sea life in them, making them useful for earth and/or water magick. 

Headstone rocks- These are chips or pieces of  headstones. DO NOT break headstones in cemeteries, as that is illegal and very disrespectful. Try finding a headstone that’s already falling apart. Ask the spirit of the person it belongs to if it’s okay if you take a piece. If you feel a positive response, go ahead. If not, don’t. I recommend bringing an offering to the spirit as well (flowers, coins, etc.). Headstone rocks can be used for the same purposes of graveyard dirt. 

Lava rocks- No, not the decorative, burnt orange colored rocks outside of the bank. I mean actual hardened lava. This may be hard to acquire, but I’m adding it on here because it isn’t technically a crystal. Lava stones can be used in fire magick or earth magick. Having a solid material in fire magick can be very useful.  


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