Beginner Crystals


Here are what I consider to be the basic beginner crystals, ones you can easily find in a meta shop, and their basic functions. These stones, in my experience, are the easiest to work with and most affordable.

•Agate- protection, healing, gardening
•Amethyst- cleans aura, peace, healing
•Aventurine- confidence, vitality, peace
•Calcite- centering, protection, purifying
•Carnelian- energy, courage, protection
•Citrine (self cleansing)- protection
•Fluorite- balancing, anti-depression
•Hematite- grounding, divination
•Howlite- calms emotions, aids insomnia
•Jade- wisdom, love, gardening
•Jasper- healing, protection, beauty
•Jet- anti-nightmare, protection, luck
•Labradorite- recall dreams, prophecy
•Lepidolite- peace, love, psychic powers
•Malachite- loyalty, protection, peace
•Moonstone- balancing, divination, love
•Obsidian- grounding, protection, peace
•Quartz- enhances and protects aura
•Rose Quartz- gentle love,heals emotion
•Selenite- energy, clarity, awareness
•Serpentine- resourcefulness, peace
•Sodalite- wisdom, healing, meditation
•Sunstone- protection, energy, blessing
•Tiger’s eye- grounding, willpower, luck
•Tourmaline- courage, inspiration, love
•Unakite- clarity, transformation


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