honestly the #1 tip anyone can give to new witches or pagans is fake it till you make it.

you don’t feel like your spells are working? whatever, keep doing them. get better at it

the Gods don’t seem to talk to you? keep talking to them and giving them offerings. you’ll get better at discernment and may notice stuff you didn’t notice before

can’t visualize your energy when charging things? so what, charge more things until it clicks

tarot is frustrating and you don’t understand the cards? shit dude pretend you do. card looks scary? until you learn more, that’s Bad Shit. looks harmless? Good Shit. use your intuition.

holidays confuse you? just google who the holiday is for and wish them a happy day and offer them something. you don’t learn unless you make mistakes and half ass things.

that’s not to say don’t admit you don’t know things, and if you’re confused you can ask for help and clarification, but if you feel like a failure of a witch or pagan just keep going. keep trying. keep on.


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