here’s the giveaway for mini altar pieces, a collection of things associated with aphrodite. winners will be decided April 2nd, 2017. 8:00pm EST

the set up will be one box including:

  • small beeswax candle wrapped with ribbon
  • tiny bottle of sand and jar of himalayan pink seasalt
  • bee charm and 2 small crystals
  • china bowl with legs
  • small metal pitcher, goblet, and candle holder
  • starfish themed scented tealight
  • a handful of small shells, 2 sanddollars
  • lace doily altar cloth
  • wooden pentagram

  • dried rosebud in vial and envelope of dried pressed pink rose petals




Reblog as many times as you like for a chance to win


Don’t reblog to giveaway blogs please! (Nor tag it as one)


Winners will be chosen randomly by an online number generator.


Make sure to keep your inboxes open so I can let you know!! If no response is received within 24 hours of my reaching out to a winner, another winner will be chosen.


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